Can You Swim With Dolphins in Florida?

Dolphins can be found throughout the ocean surrounding Florida. Also, Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and the Miami Zoo all have dolphins. There are several programs in which you can swim with dolphins in Florida.

Dolphins Where
Vacationers can swim with dolphins in the Florida Keys, the Dolphin Research Center, Dolphin World, Marineland, Dolphin Cove, the Swan and Dolphin resort, and several other locations.

Experienced dolphin trainers watch over as vacationers swim with dolphins in shallow water. Individuals can play with the dolphins and the dolphins are also trained to take vacationers for a ride, with the individual simply holding on to the fins of two different dolphins.

Dolphin Personality
Dolphins are friendly and playful. Dolphins are not dangerous unless they are badly hurt. Dolphins at the swimming facilities are highly trained.


Dolphin Tips
Those who swim with dolphins should not bring food and should not swim with the dolphins while pregnant. Swimmers should bring sunscreen that is biodegradable.

There are many programs for special needs children. Interacting with the dolphins has been found to be stress-relieving for children, and dolphins seem to intuitively know to be more gentle to children with disabilities.